Control Green is a collection of services for which you pay a monthly “subscription” fee


Basic Monitoring Service

A “snapshot” of the whole property displays room status by floor. Characteristics that can be displayed by selecting a “radio” button include temperature, humidity, dewpoint, differences between these various temperatures, door open, occupancy, HVAC running, EMS on, and so on

A current day graph shows room conditions throughout that day

Operating parameters for each of the thermostats

HVAC usage throughout the property in 2 to 5 minute intervals

HVAC monthly and annual run times for each room

HVAC estimated savings calculations for each room with property totals


Alarms Service

provides a number of predefined conditions which, if they occur, will result in an “alarm” being generated by the system. These alarms will be delivered to the user via their choice of text or email. Example are: HVAC running for more than two hours and requested temperature not achieved, HVAC bypassed for more than 10 hours, door ajar, or low batteries


Basic Controls Service

provides the capability to initiate commands to the DDC devices on the property


Extended Monitoring Service

gives the user the ability to devise unique interrogations of the extensive data being collected by Control Green. Such queries might include, for example, "give me all the rooms in which the cooling system ran when it was below 60 degrees outside". Another example might be "give me the number of hours of HVAC runtime when the difference between set and actual temperatures was greater than 6 degrees". These queries require significant processing and, in many cases, significant delay to qualify and assimilate the information


Extended Controls Service

provides the ability for the system to make changes (commands) to the various in-rooms devices through the property based on pre-determined conditions


Demand Management Service

provides the customer with the ability to monitor conditions which can contribute to peak utility usage and issue commands automatically to those in-room devices to mitigate the impact on the overall peak of the property. Demand Management allows the user to monitor conditions which might contribute to overall peak electrical consumption, and, if these conditions can be avoided without negatively impacting guest comfort, avert them before the impact occurs

Intelligent Hotel Energy Management